Heliodromus Release Date
Postado em 21 de August de 2015 @ 2:03 pm

September 8th is the world wide release date for the 3rd full length record, titled ‘Heliodromus’, on Minotauro Records. This album derives deeper into the bands traditional metal roots and explores further into the realms of doom and power metal. From speedy twin guitar leads to slow dark lava sludge and a full range of vocal harmonies, this disc spans many of the sub genres in the metal universe. The music is still laced with prog rock….odd time signatures and movements, layers of instruments such as flute, violin, even an oud this time! The production is warm, analog and raw. The most epic release to date with the title track clocking in at over 21:00! Not a concept record, but there is some common themes based on the Mithraic Mysteries. A secret religion from ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. We are very proud and thrilled as it is our best work yet! We think your gonna love it!