….And Then There Were Three (Genesis 1978)
Postado em 20 de March de 2016 @ 2:04 pm

So I just checked out when ‘And Then There Were Three’ was officially released. It so happens it was released March 23rd 1978…38 years ago almost to the day. The reason for bringing this up is that the title came to my mind when I was thinking of a good way to explain the current status of Sunrunner. That’s right folks….we are back to a 3 piece. Which is how we started…kind of. It’s a long story, but essentially its back to the original core.

Douglas Porter and Erik Neilson have parted ways with us back in December to further their career in their other musical endeavors. No hard feelings. We are all still buddies. It is not easy trying to make a living playing your own original music these days, we all have to follow our heart and guts. We all get it. We have had a tremendous time in this phase of Sunrunner. ‘Heliodromus’ being the culmination of our efforts as this particular 5 piece. We lived together for about a year and a half, writing and conceiving it, including 6 months of recording it, putting it together and releasing it. And we are very proud of that record!!!

But moving on….David, Ted and I, (this is Joey here), have been really enjoying the new sound. Yeah, some of the dueling guitar harmonies are missing. But we are rearranging some of the compositions so that the guitar and bass harmonize. In this alternate style, 3 major distinctions have happened.

1. There is a lot more space, more breathing room. It sounds bigger in a way I think. Maybe because we play a little louder to compensate for the missing instruments. And there is less competition from speaker cabinets filling the air with many sounds. Also, I am back to playing fuller chords in some places

2. You can hear the bass a lot more clearly which is great. Davey has a sort of Geezer Butler approach to the bass which is now more in the forefront.

3. It is more RAW!!!! We have received many many compliments from fans who say this with enthusiasm. It seems to be well received.

So we are going with it. Initially, we thought we would find replacements. And maybe we will someday, who knows? But for now we are going to take on this challenge and embrace the new raw sound. At least for now and for the next record which we have started writing.

Today is the first day of Spring 2016, so……
Happy Equinox to everyone out there!!!!