Winter 2017
Postado em 29 de August de 2018 @ 2:05 pm

Well, once again we have to apologize for the long delay. We all suck when it comes to working on the computer. We spend more time writing and rehearsing music. We don’t have anyone running the website…we do it ourselves. If months go by and there are no updates, just check facebook. Its updated more frequently.

So we never updated anything about the tour to Brazil either. Wow, we are a bunch of jerks haha!. Well, it was the best experience we have ever had! Brazil was beyond amazing! Every person we met was great! And not just those of the music community. People in general we’re amazing. We loved the country. The fans are die hard. What energy! The shows had the best reactions. Explosive. We will definitely return there. We give our warmest regards to Eliton and Susi Tomasi and Som Do Darma for the great experience!

After returning, we spent the Fall 2016 writing material for the new album. It is now mid Winter 2017 and the music is almost done. We have studio time booked for the approaching Spring. This record is going to be the greatest one for sure. The songs have a similar style to ‘Heliodromus’. But it has a different energy as there are only the 3 of us now. It’s going to be a little more open sounding I think. It’s hard to say exactly as we only have rough demos going. But the melodies and arrangements…well…we are very excited to get this next one out to say the least.

So that is all for now. We had an incredible Summer of 2016. And for the past 6 months we have had lots of inspiration writing this next record. So for now, we are on hiatus. Hibernating in the Winter, writing and recording. We have a few shows planned for the Spring. But once we get deeper into the making of this next recording, we should start to have a better idea of what the next tour will be and when.