Sunrunner hail from Portland Maine USA and are known for their gritty determination and courage to defy genres related to typical hard rock. Their sonic power bring old-school heavy metal that is straight down the line, and mix it with some of their wide ranges of influences for a wider palate of musical taste.

Founded by Joe Martignetti, Frank Navaro, Ted MacInnes and Dave Joy in 2008/2009, the band are always pushing the boundaries of metal to carve their distinctive sound, however Sunrunner do show their softer side incorporating elements of jazz through acoustic instruments such as violin, flute, bouzouki and percussion. Not to be mixed with the subgenre “progressive metal”, which, according to the band, focuses a lot more on technicality, virtuosity, and has a very polished sound, Sunrunner are known for their ability to push the boundaries of what is typical in heavy metal, while keeping a rough, live and unpolished sound.

Their debut album Eyes Of The Master (2011) was well received and led to the band releasing a second album ‘Time In Stone’ (2013) which solidified them as a metal band with prog rock influence. The band toured their third album Heliodromous (2016) in the U.S., Brazil and Russia, showcasing the bands unique identity and receiving international praise.

 “A real discovery for all Progressive Rock fans” Hard Magazine

“Heliodromus is an absolute ‘must’ for all fans of unconventional heavy metal” Powermetal

The band worked with Grammy nominee and Swedish producer Marcus Jidell (Candlemass, Avatarium) on their fifth album Sacred Arts of Navigation. Both ‘Ancient Art of Survival’ (2018) and ‘Sacred Arts of Navigation’ (2022) saw the trimming away of some of the embellishments and artsy side of the band, to a more heavy metal centered style of music. Of course, there are still those signature Sunrunner acoustic parts, just a little less for a more rocking balance. The message behind the two albums is based on relearning our ancestor’s knowledge of survival and the ability to navigate our Earth comfortably and invisibly behind the present and near future world of technology: which is the band’s mantra. Both albums also features the voice of Brazil’s Bruno Neves on lead vocals, adding a touch of power metal to the mix. Both albums received international praise yet again with Sacred Arts of Navigation reaching number 21 in the Metal Rock Charts!

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