Costin Chioreanu creates visionary video for “Where Is My Home.”

Illustrator Costin Chioreanu creates visionary video for the track Where Is My Home. from the album “Sacred Arts of Navigation.” Chioreanu known for his work with Napalm Death, Paradise Lost, W.A.S.P. Official Tribute and Armored Saint to name but a few, brings the track alive through his decorative touches and abstract principles using his traditional black ink and watercolor illustrations to produce something really particular and visionary.

We are back in the studio

The band are back in the studio writing more music.

Happy 4th July!!!

Myth of Rock Magazine Review

Myth of Rock reviews “Sacred Art of Navigation.” To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from this album, so, every new Sunrunner song was a true revelation. Read more

Rare Moon

Thanks to everybody that came out to Bayside Bowl Saturday evening for a “rare moon” metal show!

Full performance can be seen here