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From the dark empty nothing of the beginning
Will the ending be the same?
And all between the void, boundless size to punish the mind
Distance as far as time 
Systems throughout space, billions in cast array
I’m longing for a journey there someday

On faraway worlds
Consciousness reborn
A new life, a new world, forever through time

Absolute zero, magnetic strings I can feel
Dark matter infusion with my soul. 
No future no past no time. Dying stars, supernovas collide
Creating other forms of life

Transfer energy. Death and birth, reincarnate
I’m safe and in control
Systems faraway, billions all await
I’m safe and in control

WITCHHUNT! None are safe there’s a reckoning for those who defy us
CENSORED!  I’d hold on to that tongue if I were you

POSESSED!  Impostor of cunning controlling your mind
BEWITCHED! Twisting your love to our code, a service we will provide

Don’t you see your mind is born to be free? 
No easy answers
Casting stones, your noble mob will see
A demon blinds you

It starts with the heart, We remove the strings
Attach them to my finger tips
Then onto the mind, We hijack the soul 
And curse it with your lips
Your pride feeds me, You don’t even see me
Your will reduced to zero
You parrot our words, Its somewhat absurd
To think that you’re the hero

Maybe you don’t believe it’s true
I faced the demon, when I thought like you 

Don’t you see your mind is born to be free? 
No easy answers
Casting stones, your noble mob will see
A demon blinds you
Don’t you see, you’re the one who holds the key
A stolen freedom!

The street music plays long into the night
The spirit of enchantment comes to life
The smoke in the air, on the cool ocean breeze
The catch of the day, the fruit of the sea

One more tequila, my feet hit the road

Last Night In Tulum
Last Night under magic ocean moon
Last Night In Tulum
The first and final night to be with you

It began with a smile, then a touch of your hand
We danced, our toes in the Yucatan sand
Your lips taste like wine and the sea, as your hips move in time
I’m lost in your eyes and you’re lost in mine

She takes me away to the dunes, in the night

But the tide seems to say, as we lay by the waves, 
Our tracks in the sand forever wash away
… when the morning comes

Golden fountain, the light of the sun
Cast to the wind from below and above
Take my offering and cleanse my soul

All alone, Where we are, Far above, In the stars
We control, What we know, We are strong, We will grow

If the wind in the sails, carry us on to another dawn, we’ll tell our tale
But the sea and the rain pummel the prow, battering down, we’ll drown in the waves
But our hearts solid and sound, surely as the moon and earth are round
A prospect for the strong and brave, gifts of new lands and a new found age
Must be a way

This world is not what it seems
It’s also your dreams
And all that you see and believe
The red skies burned, we say goodbye
Were on our way out of time

If the wind in the sails carry us on to another dawn, we’ll tell our tale
But the sea and the rain pummel the prow, battering  down, we’ll drown in the waves

So we left behind our land, poisoned by divided hate filled past 
Legends tale, a place not far from here, green and luscious, people from far and near
And we sail on   

Up ahead, north northwest, a ship draws near, still our men are sleeping
Wake up, we’re under attack, While there’s still time to act
Load the cannon, lay the sights, powder blast, flashing lights

Laser hits, below the deck. Toward the shore, we sail the wreck 
Ancient city, splendid view. A bandits wasteland welcomes you

Dwellings scrape the sky, empty…leave the shore we’ll find out why
Armed with bow, gun and sword, a blend of time hunting warlords 
Follow the divine. A call to rid this place of thieves and swine 
Taking back, seize control in unity we will rebuild the world

If the wind in the sails, carry us on to another dawn, we’ll tell our tale
Now nothing is far. A pattern unfurls. We map the world. Then we’ll reach the stars

Rise and shine, who knows what time
Start with a beer to ease the mind
Where are we going? Where have we been?
Somebody tell me where we are tonight   

Don’t you fear, embrace the chaos… it’s here 

When you see an opportunity 
Don’t let it fall through your hands and die 
Dive into the uncertainty
No mess, no magic, no time to cry 

Faraway, from Avaré
Collecting thoughts in a Budapest café
We got time, we don’t have money
We free  ourselves to be captive to the night 

Keys to life… in funny places they can hide

Don’t you see what could be?
When you weave your masterplan
And take command.
Blast through this shell and be free

Under the warm shining light, through the tallest trees
Under the forever sky, life surrounding me

What lays in the path ahead? Are you foe or are you friend?
Are you here to mark my end, feed me to the ground?

Pain and strife to battle through, a deeper way to strengthen you
When the lesson finds you first, a little help from the universe

Close your eyes breathing deep
Internally you will see

Apprentice, seeking, questioning, there’s a teacher by your side
Clarity, an obstacle away, you will feel the shining light

Confidence and truth become wisdom to you
Imagination awakens too, and becomes the greatest tool

I follow the dream ahead of me
With wizard eyes I can see

Dark dust, silver lightning. 
cold wind and rain sting my eyes
memories drown in waves 
Til I am empty and reborn   

Wind and sails in synergy, a turbulent creature vicious in the sea 

Time and navigation reads by the stars and persuasion by my heart 
To never look back again. Sailing on for a promise of gold

On my way I sail to a no man’s land waves and wind my friends
Show me the unknown
And if I die on the coldest night, I become the light
The sky, land and sea forever a part of me. 
My quest never ends
Yes  I admit it is lust 
That fuels my heart, a burning flame
But it guides me through the storm
The gold is the light, the shining way through the dark
To Earth and Sea . Open and free

I’ve seen this place out in the hills, fields under a sky   
Mountain peaks majestic to my eye.
Crops grow here, wheat and pear.  Garlic, peppers, rye,
 Hops and grape bear the fruit of life

Radiant emanation

  Where Is My Home? My garden home
  Down an old forgotten forest road

Partridge, pheasant by the stones drying out their wings,,
Goats rest in the morning shade
Grab my rifle, knife and pipe, my worn out leather boots
The seasons right for a good hunt in the woods
Here I don’t need anything more

Lost my abilities on the city streets
Excessive everything except my simple needs
Lost the way of self sufficiency
Where is that timeless world of immortality, this is my home

The fire licks the setting sun, mugs of endless beer
Rock and metal charging the air
Gather like a pack of wolves singing through the night
Take my girl to greet a new sunrise

A legacy a manifestation

Where is my home? My garden home. 
Down an old forgotten forest road