Ancient Arts of Survival CD


Compact Disc of Sunrunner’s 2018 album ‘Ancient Arts of Survival.’

Drums, bass and guitars were recorded at Acadia Recording Company in Porland, Maine, by Todd Hutchisen. Jimmy Martignetti tracked overdubs, produced and mixed the album at Off The Wall Studios in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.
The three Grammy Award-winner producer Bob Katz was responsible for the mastering. All main vocals were recorded at Stone Studio in the city of Frutal, Brazil, and produced by Lucas Heitor.



“We began writing the new songs early 2016 and spent the majority of the year composing them”, says the guitar player Joe Martignetti. “The songs are mostly all new ideas with a few old parts sprinkled throughout. The direction is slightly more straightforward than the previous three records. I think after writing ‘Heliodromus’ we realized we enjoyed writing music that was a little less eccentric and experimental… more reminiscent of our roots. So we continued down this path. The new stuff has a really good balance. There is more metal than prog rock. Less guest musicians and embellishments. But there is still plenty of odd time signatures. Lots of 5’s and 9’s”.

Still according to Martignetti, the title “Ancient Arts Of Survival” reflects a time when mankind had the abilities to be in control of his own destiny.
“Without having to rely on technology and society, we we’re able to thrive and adventure in the harshest conditions of any terrain. With nothing but the knowledge and wisdom of the natural landscapes that surrounds us. We have become complacent in a way. Not to undermine the wonderful things we have. For me, I feel it would be nice to still have the knowledge of the past mixed with the things we have today.”

The cover artwork is signed by the artist Jan Michael Barlow and perfectly reflects the title and its concept.



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